smartFeed 1.3

Join the Podcast revolution with this handy application

No more tightly controlled airwaves or expensive FCC licenses. Forget about AM and FM (or XM for that matter). The rules have changed. Now you’re in the driver’s seat and you can listen to your favorite radio show whenever, wherever, as often as you like. The catch is that you don’t use your radio; instead you download your shows from the Internet and listen to them on your PC, MP3 player, Smartphone, or PDA.

Smartfeed is the first Podcatcher—or Podcast Receiver—to bring podcatching to your Smartphone or Pocket PC. No longer tied down by cables, use your mobile device’s wireless or Bluetooth capabilities to find and download Podcasts while sitting in a café or waiting to board a plane. Join the revolution and take podcatching to the next level.

What can Smartfeed do?

  • Manage your Podcast library on your mobile device with an easy-to-use interface for finding, downloading, playing, and managing your Podcasts.
  • Receive recommendations based on today’s most popular downloads Smartfeed downloads your Podcasts while you sleep
  • Schedule automatic updates of the Podcasts in your library. Quickly find content you really want.
  • Resume interrupted downloads

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smartFeed 1.3

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  • by Anonymous

    Best app on my PPC.
    The makers of smartFeed created the perfect solution for mobile podcast reception. It's a W...   More